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Stay compliant, grow your revenue, and wow customers with our premier cannabis point of sale and payments provider. We offer full debit processing, a robust back-end reporting portal, and unmatched customer support.

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POSaBIT Features

Introducing POSaBIT POS 2.0

The new POSaBIT POS system offers robust features like integrated loyalty, customizable discounts, and detailed reporting to help cannabis retailers operate efficiently. With its user-friendly interface, compliant PIN debit solution, and support for various workflows, including delivery, POSaBIT POS 2.0 provides the ultimate retail experience that drives sales and loyalty.

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Enable Omnichannel Commerce with POSaBIT

Meet your customers wherever they are with POSaBIT's integrated omnichannel solutions. Our online ordering system syncs seamlessly with in-store and delivery sales, providing a unified customer experience. Leverage customer profiles and purchase history data to provide personalized offers and product recommendations. POSaBIT's robust reporting dashboard gives you real-time analytics across all sales channels, letting you optimize operations. The POSaBIT platform empowers retailers to unify inventory, customer, and order data to streamline fulfillment. Enable fast, flexible commerce without complexity.

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Hardware Features

Point of sale

HP Engage One Essential All-in-One System

Point of sale

PAX A920Pro Smartmobile


Better Customer Experience

Provide your customers with a convenient and seamless checkout experience.

Rich Data Analytics

Enjoy real-time transaction history, robust reporting, and advanced auditing.

Protect Employees

Less cash on hand means a safer environment for you and your employees.

Lower Costs

Save money on armored-car pickups, expensive make-shift integrations, and other operational inefficiencies.

Easy & Flexible

POSaBIT Payments integrates easily with your favorite POS. (But we especially 🖤 POSaBIT POS.)

Higher Sales

POSaBIT sales are 60% higher than the average cash-only purchase.


Our user-friendly POS increases transaction speed and basket size while equipping budtenders to serve and upsell customers.

POSaBIT offers integrated online ordering, customer profiles, purchase history, custom discounts, and detailed sales reports to optimize cannabis retail operations. The compliant PIN debit solution provides a normalized purchasing experience.

With robust security, compliance, and an open API, POSaBIT provides a reliable platform built to support cannabis businesses. Our experienced team continually innovates based on customer needs and industry trends. Choose POSaBIT for dedicated support, unique functionality like tipping and delivery workflows, and the only solution cannabis retailers need to grow.


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Maka Kalai

Director Of Sales And Marketing

We have seen our average transaction increase by 30% when a customer uses POSaBIT compared to cash. Our tenders receive almost 60% more tips. It was huge for us.

Anthony Butler

General manager

Switching to POSaBIT has given us a better chance to upsell to customers. Our budtenders have seen their tips triple and it's made them more motivated at work.

Yin Ho Lai


What you guys are doing is truly remarkable, and I really mean that. It's nice to work with a company that puts so much effort into solving an industry-wide problem.

The POSaBIT Payments Difference

Not only do we offer a variety of options, all of our payments solutions come with store-friendly features that make a huge difference.

Back-end Reporting

  • Track sales

  • Budtender performance

  • Tips

  • Till reports

  • And more...

Budtender Tips

Employees love the incentive to provide excellent service:

  • More upselling

  • Higher revenues

  • Happier budtenders

  • Till reports

  • Custom tip options allow you to execute the best system for your store.

Fully Mobile Hardware

Take your payments system in the palm of your hand and bring onto the floor, outdoors for curbside pickup, or on the road for delivery.

The ACH Alternative

POSaBIT ACH allows customers to log in and store their banking information within our payments portal. After a one-time set-up process, they can make contactless purchases at your store. This is the most popular alternative to PIN Debit payments, and is ideal for online, delivery, and in-store purchases.

Security & Compliance

Easy dispensary payment processing for dispensaries and cannabis retailers

PCI DSS compliant & TLS-Certified

Advanced data encryption

Fully compliant with KYC & AML

Customer Resources: Getting Started

If you're an existing customer, POSaBIT POS 2.0 will start to roll out on April 26th, 2023. If you're eager to get an early look on one or more terminals at your store, reach out to your customer success manager now.

Below, we've provided resources to share with your team:

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POSaBIT Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Financial Results

Provide your customers with a convenient and seamless checkout experience.

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Integrate with POSaBIT and elevate your business to new heights. Seamlessly connect our cutting-edge payment services with your Point-of-sale solution. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations by integrating with us today.

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Effortless API Integration

Discover the power of API integration with POSaBIT. Access our detailed API documentation and seamlessly integrate our secure payment services into your dispensary point-of-sale solution. Empower your business with advanced features and drive growth like never before.

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Posabit Pin Debit

Give your customers the retail experience they're used to

Experience the industry's best payment solution. Explore PIN Debit for your store and elevate your payment processing.

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