The new POSaBIT POS enables integrated online ordering, customer profiles and purchase history, customized loyalty programs, detailed reporting, and compliant debit payments. Streamline operations through robust inventory management, franchise dashboards, and customer queuing. POSaBIT’s user-friendly system increases transaction speed and basket size while providing exceptional service.

What's changing in POS 2.0?

What's new in POS 2.0?

POSaBIT POS 2.0 builds on everything you know and love and adds new features and enhancements.

POSaBIT POS was first introduced in 2018.

Over the last five years, we have regularly updated the POS to improve the day-to-day for retailers from Alaska to Vermont.

POS 2.0 builds on all the functionality you know and love, adding a modern new interface, a number of new features and countless enhancements that are sure to improve the overall budtender and customer experience.

What to expect

Refreshed Look & Feel

After careful discussion with customers and the broader cannabis community, we’ve optimized the look & feel of POSaBIT POS 2.0. It's streamlined and clean, with all the features you've grown to love.

Budtender-friendly Customer Education

Training a new budtender or unfamiliar with certain products? The new customer recommendations engine in POSaBIT 2.0 uses machine learning and your own customer records to surface product recommendations to your budtenders.

Optimize The Way You Work

From tracking cash denominations in till management, to past purchase behavior, to new filters on the product menu, POSaBIT POS 2.0 has a host of improvements to optimize the way you work.

Customer Purchase History

POSaBIT POS 2.0 now surfaces customer data like ‘Lifetime Purchases’, ‘Average Purchase Size’, and even a view of past returns.

Customer Resources

If you're an existing customer, POSaBIT POS 2.0 will start to roll out in September 2023. Your exact date will be relayed by your Customer Success Manager.


Maka Kalai

Director Of Sales And Marketing

We have seen our average transaction increase by 30% when a customer uses POSaBIT compared to cash. Our tenders receive almost 60% more tips. It was huge for us.

Anthony Butler

General manager

Switching to POSaBIT has given us a better chance to upsell to customers. Our budtenders have seen their tips triple and it's made them more motivated at work.

Yin Ho Lai


What you guys are doing is truly remarkable, and I really mean that. It's nice to work with a company that puts so much effort into solving an industry-wide problem.


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