Cannabis Point of Sale (POS)

POSaBIT POS is designed to suit the complex needs of cannabis retail.
Clarity, not complexity. Intuitive, not inscrutable.

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Admin & reporting portal

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Easy integrated ecommerce

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Customer recommendations & favorites

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Integrated loyalty - or bring your own

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Easy payments integration

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Admin & reporting portal

The powerful POS portal allows you to control your entire business from any location. It's never been easier to keep track of inventory, accept manifests, return or destroy products, set up discounts and loyalty rewards, reconcile tills, run key sales reports, and stay compliant with your state traceability system.

We’ve pre-built detailed reports for employees, inventory managers, store managers and owners. This allows you to manage your business on a deeper level to grow revenue, improve customer service, and provide a better overall customer experience.

Integrated ecommerce

With integrated ecommerce from POSaBIT, you have one fewer system to check and update on a daily basis -- and one fewer paid subscription. Budtenders can accept and fulfill online orders right at the point of sale.

Already using an online menu solution? As an open platform, POSaBIT POS can be integrated with any solution. And we've already built integrations for many common providers.

Customer recommendations & favorites

A customer walks into your store and asks, "What was that strain I bought last time?" or "What do you recommend this week?" With customer history, recommendations, and preferences, budtenders can easily find order histories, product type preferences, or make an intelligent recommendation.

The customer recommendations engine uses machine learning and your own customer records to surface product recommendations to your budtenders. Together, these tools empower budtenders to provide exceptional customer service at all times (and even to up-sell when appropriate).

Integrated loyalty

Loyalty programs are a key asset to any cannabis store, rewarding repeat customers and engaging them on a deeper level. Repeat customers purchase a greater quantity of products, and do so more often. Their lifetime value to your store is significantly higher than comparable customers.

POSaBIT POS loyalty can be customized to fit your store's goals, deciding whether to offer rewards based on store visits, dollars spent, sign-ups, or any combination of these actions. Additionally, our program lets you create membership tiers to further reward your most dedicated customers.

As an open platform, we also integrate with many common loyalty programs, too.

Easy payments integration

Providing your customers the option to pay with their card is a key strategy to grow your cannabis business. The average debit transaction is 60-70% larger than cash transactions at cannabis stores. It's simple: every single customer that transitions from the ATM to using their debit card is spending more in your store. Coupled with a seamless checkout process, you'll offer a far better customer experience.

POSaBIT Payments is a fully-compliant debit payment platform for cannabis retailers. POSaBIT POS and POSaBIT Payments work seamlessly together to enable larger basket sizes and a better customer checkout experience.


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