The Bohemian Chemist: The Frontiers of Cannabis Hospitality

September 7, 2023

Case Study

The sign and front register at Bohemian Chemist

If you are looking for a unique and relaxing experience, look no further than the Bohemian Chemist, housed in a classic apothecary. The Bohemian Chemist offers a variety of high-quality cannabis products, from flowers and edibles to oils and tinctures, as well as a selection of vintage apothecary items, such as herbal remedies, teas, candles, and crystals. The shop has a cozy and eclectic atmosphere, with colorful murals, antique furniture, and a friendly staff. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the cafe area, or join one of the workshops or events that the shop hosts regularly. Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or a curious explorer, the Bohemian Chemist is a place where you can find something to suit your mood and taste.

Founded by partners Jim Roberts and Brian Adkinson, The Bohemian Chemist is a visionary cannabis venture that blends the free spirit of the 1920s with sophistication, elegance, and sustainability. Their “herbal apothecary” concept is inspired by vintage apothecaries, and preserves the legacy of Jim's mother's cannabis garden. Advocating for legacy farmers and sustainable cultivation under the California sun, the brand offers a range of meticulously grown cannabis products, reflecting quality, history, and a commitment to an evolving industry.

The business model of The Bohemian Chemist drew inspiration from boutique wineries, adopting the "tasting room" concept from wineries into the cannabis domain. For Jim, the cannabis industry is about more than just profit: it's about passion. Jim incorporates his background - and passion - for interior design into the packaging, property, and marketing, infusing intentionality into every aspect of his business.

The Bohemian Chemist have been happy POSaBIT customers for 4 years. They highlight three reasons for their partnership selection:

  1. Value: “POSaBIT was the best value for the level of software we were looking for at the time…We realized how amazing POSaBIT’s customer support is, and how responsive [the] team is to our needs.”
  2. Support: “[POSaBIT] takes into consideration our ideas of how things can be smoother and really picks up the ball to get things moving! In a tough industry like cannabis, [we] really love the idea of supporting each other: it should be cooperation, not competition. That is what we get with POSaBIT.”
  3. Incorporation of Customer Feedback: “What is even better is that POSaBIT takes customer requests seriously!”

Looking to the future of their business model, The Bohemian Chemist's distinctive approach prioritizes expanding their research and cultivation center over property enlargement. The brand’s focus remains on diversifying the cannabis plant, challenging THC dominance, and embracing a holistic perspective.

The relationship between POSaBIT and The Bohemian Chemist is a perfect example of why we value strong customer connections and wholeheartedly invest time and effort in crafting unique experiences that cater to specific business needs, all while fostering genuine personal bonds. Drop by The Bohemian Chemist to check out these remarkable, historic, meticulously crafted products up close!