How Bloom Room Thrives Despite Industry-Wide Challenges

August 14, 2023

Case Study

Bloom Room, a cannabis dispensary located at 471 Jessie Street in San Francisco, has continued to thrive at a time when some dispensaries are shutting their doors. For over a decade, Bloom Room has been flourishing thanks to general manager and owner Stephen Rechif.

Stephen is a tenured dispensary owner who got into the cannabis business because he “loves cannabis!” After graduating college in 2009, Stephen took a brief hiatus to learn the grow side before deciding to pursue a career in cannabis because “it was exciting; it was the new frontier”. Today, Stephen owns Bloom Room in San Francisco, in addition to having an ownership stake in both Bloom Room in Pacifica and Gas Station in Santa Rosa. When asked about what contributed to Bloom Room’s success, Stephen had an immediate answer: “strict inventory and cash management. You have to be putting away money constantly.” He believes that planning for taxes, especially in California, is critical for the longevity of a business. Stephen also spoke about the importance of understanding the market and changing inventory (and even the customer experience) in accordance with the demographics of the community.

In addition to understanding the market, Stephen also feels it is very important to offer digital payments, because according to him, “over 50% of customers want to pay with their debit card”. As an experienced and savvy owner, Stephen requires a digital payments solution that can meet the needs of his business as well as provide robust reporting and reliability, which is why Bloom Room has relied on POSaBIT PIN Debit for over four years. With a clean user interface and near 100% acceptance rate, as well as user-specific reporting on the backend portal, POSaBIT makes Stephen’s job easier. And, because it's POSaBIT, Stephen can always trust that it’s compliant.

Why does Bloom Room love POSaBIT? From Stephen’s point of view, a few reasons: reporting, access to money, service, and functionality. First, Bloom Room loves POSaBIT reporting. Stephen appreciates “the way POSaBIT reporting breaks up sales into different categories”, which ultimately “makes accounting easy”. Second, access to money. Stephen says that “the way we get paid is very simple. I get my money right away”. Third, Bloom Room loves POSaBIT’s service. Stephen states that “if we ever have an issue, it always gets resolved quickly. Customer experience is everything.” Fourth, and finally, functionality; Stephen values the fact that “nearly 100% of the time, the card works”.

As Stephen knows, POSaBIT loves our customers and celebrates their successes, which is why we are thrilled to see that Bloom Room is flourishing. Bloom Room has been thriving for the past ten years thanks to Stephen’s hands-on approach and decision to use POSaBIT, and we anticipate that it will continue to thrive for another decade and beyond!