Creating discounts across multiple stores is easier than you may think

December 18, 2023


Discounts can help you attract more customers, increase loyalty, and boost sales. But how do you set up discounts across your entire, multi-location organization with POSaBIT? And what types of discounts can you offer?

In this blog post, we'll give you an overview of the merchant-level discounts feature in POSaBIT (launched in October 2023), and show you how to create and manage discounts for your business.

What are merchant-level discounts?

Merchant-level discounts provide an easier way for managers of multi-location stores to set up discounts. Set up one discount across your stores from one easy-to-use dashboard - while retaining the ability for individual stores to set up their own discounts as needed.

How do you create merchant-level discounts?

To create merchant-level discounts, you need to log in to your POSaBIT portal, go to the merchant section of the portal (click top right corner dropdown menu, then click “Merchant”), and then go to the Discounts tab. There, you can see all the existing discounts for your business, and create new ones by clicking on the Add Discount button. You can name your discount, choose the type (percentage or dollar amount), set the amount, and specify the conditions for applying the discount. You can also set the start and end dates for the discount, and limit the number of times it can be used per customer or per day.

Some of the conditions you can set for your discounts are:

  • Auto apply: Almost all discounts can be set up to auto apply at the register, cutting down on budtender errors and dependencies
  • Discount stacking: A great tool for stores, helping you easily control discounting across multiple offers.
  • Allowing Stacking: Allows for exceptions to the overall discount stacking setting.
  • Overall store discount limit: Set an overall limit for the entire store. Exceptions can be made using customer tags and certain tagged customers (for example, allow employees to exceed the general store limit).
  • Discount rounding: Including the ability to round in the venue's or customer's favor
  • Order source: Paired with the auto-apply feature, venues can set up discounts to auto-apply for certain types of orders (for example, 10% off online orders).
  • Day and time of the week: Easily launch happy hour discounts that you set and forget!
  • Minimum order amount: The order must be equal to or greater than this amount to qualify for the discount.
  • Maximum order amount: The order must be equal to or less than this amount to qualify for the discount.
  • Payment method: The order must use a specific payment method (such as POSaBIT Pay or cash) to qualify for the discount.
  • Customer group: The order must belong to a specific customer group (such as VIP or loyalty) to qualify for the discount.
  • Order Source: The order must be placed at a specific location (such as online or in-store) to qualify for the discount.

You can combine multiple conditions to create more customized discounts for your business.

How do you manage merchant-level discounts?

Once you create a merchant-level discount, it will automatically sync across all store locations and apply to eligible orders. No more time spent creating the same discount one store at a time. You can also edit or delete existing merchant-level discounts from the web portal at any time. To edit a discount, click on the pencil icon next to it. To delete a discount, click on the trash icon next to it. You can also enable or disable discounts by toggling the switch next to them.

Why use merchant-level discounts?

Merchant-level discounts are a great way streamline your workflow and everyday management of discounts. By scheduling discounts across all stores, you can cut labor costs and spend more time focused on running your business.

How to learn more about merchant-level discounts?

If you want to learn more about merchant-level discounts, you can check out our help center articles here:

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You can also contact our support team if you have any questions or issues with setting up or using discounts.