Building Customer Loyalty with DopeApps + POSaBIT

December 12, 2023


Tired of ecommerce brands jockeying to beat you at your own SEO game, or expensive all-in-one point of sale options offering lackluster integrations? POSaBIT and DopeApps are open platforms working together to make the browsing and buying experience for your customers (and budtenders) as seamless as possible.

Dopeapps is the leading mobile app developer in the retail cannabis space, building fully customizable, native apps that keep customers coming back time after time. By offering a custom, cross-platform app, retailers can surface loyalty rewards, easily list available products, highlight new offerings, circumvent issues with text messages with app-based notifications, and build a one-stop cannabis resource for customers.

By using Dopeapps and POSaBIT together, retailers take advantage of the ability to:

  • Streamline workflows and save time. Manage your entire retail operation from one platform, without having to switch between different systems or devices. You can also automate tasks such as inventory updates, tax calculations, and compliance reporting.
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction. Offer customers more payment options and the convenience of ordering from an app instead of remembering a website. You can also reach more customers with app notifications and a steady spot on the screen.
  • Reduce risks and costs. Easy reports and integrations to comply with state and federal regulations automatically. To reduce reliance on cash, POSaBIT Payments offers a number of cashless options that also integrate directly with both solutions.

The robust integration streamlines customer and budtender operations by integrating:

  • Menus: Sync your store’s products, brands, collections and inventory between POSaBIT POS and your app;
  • Customer profiles: Look up customers, create new customers, and allow users to update their information easily;
  • Loyalty: Easily review loyalty points, list available rewards, and redeem rewards during checkout;
  • Checkout: View accurate prices and stock, apply discounts and rewards, and add items to a cart easily;
  • Orders: Fetch a customer’s order history, track the status of an order, and send order notifications with ease.

DopeApps and POSaBIT combine for a great combination for any cannabis business that wants to grow and succeed in this highly-competitive, fast-evolving market. Try a powerful, easy-to-use combination that helps you manage your business with confidence and peace of mind and makes life easier for your customers.

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