No cash. No debit card. No credit card. With POSaBIT ACH, customers can make contactless, card-less, cashless payments at your dispensary.

After a one-time account set-up, customers pay for online ordering, delivery, and in-store purchases using direct ACH payments.

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Set-Up Process

To utilize ACH, customers must complete a one-time account setup. Fortunately, we've made it incredibly easy.

Step 1: Go to pay.posabit.com

Step 2: Set up a New Account

Step 3: Connect a checking account and verify bank.

Once those steps are complete, the customer will be able to use POSaBIT ACH in any store that offers the solution.

Purchase Process

Whether in-store, delivery, or curbside, the purchasing process is easy and efficient.

If ordering online, the customer will be prompted via the online menu to pay with ACH. From there, they will log into the POSaBIT ACH Portal and reserve their order.

They will receive a text message with a six-digit code, which they will enter upon receiving their product - either by delivery or in-store.

However, once you're a POSaBIT ACH user, you don't even have to order online!

Once you are validated and in the system, you can simply go to your dispensary and choose "ACH" as your payment method at the point of purchase. You will then receive the six-digit code via text, enter it onto the POSaBIT device, and receive your purchased products.