POSaBIT Unlimited

The first dispensary point of sale to provide unlimited freedom to do business exactly how you want.

POSaBIT Unlimited supports, and improves upon, every conceivable workflow.

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No matter how your dispensary is set up, how you process orders, the layout of your physical space, how you intake online orders, whether you accept curbside pickups, or how you structure your delivery program, POSaBIT Unlimited provides all the flexibility and functionality you need.

What makes this type of customization and flexibility possible? Our brand new Pocket POS.

  • The Linebuster

  • Online Order Pickup & Payment

  • Curbside Ordering & Payment

  • Delivery

The Pocket POS allows your budtenders to meet your customers as they shop for product in your store. No longer will you have to wait until they reach the counter. This flexibility opens up a wide array of options for how you run your dispensary.

The Pocket POS is fully mobile and an incredible option for your delivery drivers. No matter how you want to organize your delivery process, our POS and Payments solutions provide the flexibility to give your customers and your drivers a fantastic delivery experience.

Online ordering, fulfillment, and payment have never been easier with our Pocket POS. Don't make your budtenders go back and forth between their point of sale on the retail floor and the back room where online orders are fulfilled. POSaBIT Unlimited streamlines the process.

With the rapid increase in curbside ordering, the Pocket POS lets you take everything you need directly to the customer's car. Take the orders, take the payments, and save a ton of time and effort.