Payment Options

POSaBIT provides an array of payment options to fit your store’s specific needs, all of which integrate seamlessly with POSaBIT Unlimited POS. They also function as standalone offerings with any other dispensary point of sale.

All POSaBIT payments solutions are secure and compliant. We have been running payments without interruption since 2016.

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PIN Debit

This is the PIN Debit solution you would find at any typical retailer like a coffee shop, grocery store, etc. Fully compliant, correctly coded, and easy to use, POSaBIT PIN Debit is the preferred solution among our current merchants. 


POSaBIT ACH allows customers to log in and store their banking information within our payments portal. After a one-time set-up process, they can make contactless purchases at your store. This is ideal for online, delivery, and in-store purchases.

The POSaBIT Payments Difference

Not only do we offer a variety of options, all of our payments solutions come with store-friendly features that make a huge difference.

  • Back-End Reporting
  • Budtender Tips
  • Fully Mobile Hardware

Back-End Reporting

Track sales, budtender performance, tips, till reports, and more. 

Budtender Tips 

Employees love the incentive to provide excellent service. More upselling, higher revenues, happier budtenders. Custom tip options allow you to execute the best system for your store. 

Fully Mobile Hardware

Take your payments system in the palm of your hand and bring onto the floor, outdoors for curbside pickup, or on the road for delivery.