Empower Retail with POSaBIT In-Store

With our POS system, you're not just investing in technology, you're gaining a strategic partner with years of industry experience. Our customer-centric features have been shaped by real-world feedback, delivering detailed customer insights, easy access to purchase history, and a user-friendly interface. POSaBIT streamlines operations enhances customer service, and increases average basket size. Embrace the future of retail and set your business up for success with POSaBIT.

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Key Features

Management Console

Single dashboard for total business control.

Integrated Online Ordering

Streamline operations, no third-party apps needed.

Customer Profile & Favorites

Quick access to customer profiles for personalized service.

Integrated Loyalty

Customizable loyalty programs to enhance customer engagement.

Easy Payments Integration

Offer card payments for an enhanced customer experience.

Hardware Features

Point of sale

HP Engage One Essential All-in-One System

Point of sale

PAX A920Pro Smartmobile



POSaBIT POS was developed in response to customer feedback. With robust 24x7 support and in-person implementation (including on day one), you'll always be taken care of.

Increased Revenue

With features like Integrated Loyalty and Debit Payments, drive higher sales and customer lifetime value.

Operational Efficiency

From managing inventory to setting up rewards, all controls at your fingertips for easy operations.

Superior Customer Service

Access customer purchase history, provide personalized service, and enhance customer loyalty.


Maka Kalai

Director Of Sales And Marketing

We have seen our average transaction increase by 30% when a customer uses POSaBIT compared to cash. Our tenders receive almost 60% more tips. It was huge for us.

Anthony Butler

General manager

Switching to POSaBIT has given us a better chance to upsell to customers. Our budtenders have seen their tips triple and it's made them more motivated at work.

Yin Ho Lai


What you guys are doing is truly remarkable, and I really mean that. It's nice to work with a company that puts so much effort into solving an industry-wide problem.

Posabit Pin Debit

Give your customers the retail experience they're used to

Experience the industry's best payment solution. Explore PIN Debit for your store and elevate your payment processing.

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