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Experience seamless, secure, and convenient payments with POSaBIT ACH. Our trusted solution integrates with various platforms, offering contactless, cashless payments for your cannabis business. Sign up today for a one-time setup and enjoy the benefits of our robust, reliable system.

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Cross-Channel Payments, Cross-Platform Compatibility

Integrates with popular order-ahead and delivery platforms across all sales channels.

Fast, Secure, Convenient Payments

Customers pay from their bank account to yours via ACH. Bank-grade security protects against fraud. Fast sign-up and approval.

Seamless Integrations, Modern Payments

Easily integrated into websites and apps for seamless checkout. Integrates with POS, carts, and marketplaces.

White Label Solutions

Create a branded, personalized payment platform that builds customer trust.

Reliable and Secure

Trusted B2C and B2B ACH payment solution with a high volume of transactions, prioritizing security.

Additional Features

Also offers B2B payments, fraud prevention, live support, quick settlement, reporting.

Set-Up Process

To utilize ACH, customers must complete a one-time account setup. Fortunately, we've made it incredibly easy.

Once those steps are complete, the customer will be able to use POSaBIT ACH in any store that offers the solution.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Set up a New Account

Step 3

Connect a checking account and verify bank

Purchase Process

Whether in-store, delivery, or curbside, the purchasing process is easy and efficient. If ordering online, the customer will be prompted via the online menu to pay with ACH.

From there, they will log into the POSaBIT ACH Portal and reserve their order.

They will receive a text message with a six-digit code, which they will enter upon receiving their product — either by delivery or in-store.

However, once you're a POSaBIT ACH user, you don't even have to order online!

Once you are validated and in the system, you can simply go to your dispensary and choose "ACH" as your payment method at the point of purchase. You will then receive the six-digit code via text, enter it onto the POSaBIT device, and receive your purchased products.


Maka Kalai

Director Of Sales And Marketing

We have seen our average transaction increase by 30% when a customer uses POSaBIT compared to cash. Our tenders receive almost 60% more tips. It was huge for us.

Anthony Butler

General manager

Switching to POSaBIT has given us a better chance to upsell to customers. Our budtenders have seen their tips triple and it's made them more motivated at work.

Yin Ho Lai


What you guys are doing is truly remarkable, and I really mean that. It's nice to work with a company that puts so much effort into solving an industry-wide problem.

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