POSaBIT Lands 10-Location Contract with Legendary WA State Cannabis Store Operator

POSaBIT continues to extend its reach with customers in Washington State. After recent expansion to Colorado, Nevada, and California, POSaBIT has landed a 10-location contract with 3 prominent Washington State brands.

Shy Sadis on the cover of  Marijuana Venture  magazine.

Shy Sadis on the cover of Marijuana Venture magazine.

Kushmart, Starbuds, and The Joint have collectively secured an agreement with POSaBIT to roll out its fully compliant payment service to all their locations in Western Washington.

“POSaBIT has a proven technology and has brought much-needed innovation to the industry, giving customers a simple way to pay without cash,” said Shy Sadis, owner of “The Joint” brand of shops and a prominent voice for Washington’s recreational cannabis industry before, during, and after legalization. “This makes us safer and more transparent, in addition to driving higher sales and giving our customers a better overall experience.”

POSaBIT’s unique approach enables customers to acquire cryptocurrency through a dedicated console and then subsequently spend it where the POSaBIT system is installed. The system has robust compliance in place and is licensed by the WA State Department of Financial Institutions.

The system offers both stores and consumers many benefits. For example, stores using the POSaBIT solution see their average transaction double in size. They also reduce costs associated with armored car cash pickups, and experience safer operating environments. Consumers also benefit by having an alternative to cash, rewarding these merchants with their loyalty and repeat business.

“POSaBIT is thrilled and honored to work with this collection of distinguished store brands here in our home state. The collective reach and exposure that these stores bring is significant, and we look forward to helping them grow their sales,” said Jon Baugher, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of POSaBIT.