POSaBIT ACH - How it Works

POSaBIT ACH not only works in-store, it is the ideal delivery solution for payments.

With POSaBIT ACH, your delivery drivers no longer have to carry excess cash and customers love the ease of use.

And, perhaps most importantly, mobile connectivity is not necessary during the delivery process.


Step 1: The customer orders from your online menu and selects ACH as their payment option.

Step 2: Store receives the order and a budtender/delivery driver inputs the order on POSaBIT mobile device.

Step 3: Store fulfills the order.

Step 4: The customer receives a text to authorize payment via ACH. Once they authorize payment, customer will receive a six-digit code via text.

Step 5: The product is delivered. The customer enters in the six-digit code to the deliver driver as confirmation.

Step 6. The delivery driver marks the order "Delivered" on the POSaBIT mobile device, thus completing the transaction.


(Note: The following steps assume the customer already has a POSaBIT Payments profile, which they can set up here: pay.posabit.com)

Step 1: The customer selects their products - either directly at the point of sale or beforehand online, or at a kiosk).

Step 2: The customer selects "ACH" as their payments option on the POSaBIT Sunmi device at the point of sale.

Step 3: The customer is sent a six-digit code via text.

Step 4: The customer inputs the six-digit code and authorizes sale.