A solution for every challenge

Our point of sale system is specifically designed to suit the needs of cannabis retailers and eliminate the pain points of running your store.

Software Features


Our powerful management console allows you to control your entire business from any location. Keeping track of inventory, accepting manifests, returning and destroying products, setting up discounts and loyalty rewards, reconciling tills, running key sales reports, and staying compliant with your local state traceability system has never been easier.

Our online portal gives you access to real-time reporting of store performance, customer demographics, and transaction data. This allows you to investigate your business on a deeper level to grow revenue, improve customer service, and provide a better overall customer experience.


While many point of sale systems continue to use third-party software, we've incorporated it into our point of sale system. This means one fewer system to check and update on a daily basis. One fewer paid subscription. Budtenders can accept and fulfill online orders right at the point of sale.

This feature allows you to fully customize your online menus to match your store brand. That way, the online menu can live on your own website, not on a third party's. Our integrated online ordering system puts the most important brand first: yours.


A customer walks into your store and asks, "What was that strain I bought last time?" It's a question you've heard time and time again. With our customer profiles, we can easily find order histories and preferences with a simple scan of the customer's ID.

Customer profiles helps you better understand your customers and provide them with a fantastic experience every time they enter your store. After scanning the customer's ID, budtenders can see past orders and the product types (e.g. flower, edibles) the customer prefers. This empowers budtenders to provide exceptional customer service at all times (plus, the ability to up-sell when appropriate).


Loyalty programs are a key asset to any cannabis store, rewarding repeat customers and engaging them on a deeper level. Repeat customers purchase a greater quantity of product, and do so more often. Their lifetime value to your store is through the roof.

Our loyalty program is flexible. We want you to customize it to fit your store's goals. Decide if you want to offer rewards by store visits, dollars spent, sign ups, or any combination of those actions. Additionally, our program lets you to create membership tiers to further reward your most dedicated customers. Soon, all of your customers will be striving to reach those new membership tiers to earn even greater rewards and discounts.


Providing your customers the option to pay with their card is a key strategy in growing your cannabis retail business. The average debit transaction is 60-70% larger than cash transactions at cannabis stores. It's simple: every single customer that transitions from the ATM to using their debit card is spending more in your store. Coupled with a seamless checkout process, you'll offer a far better customer experience.

POSaBIT is a fully-compliant provider of debit payments for cannabis retailers.


SMS/MMS marketing is a vital tool for cannabis retailers. It's an excellent way to notify your customers about new products, promotions & discounts, special events, or anything else you'd like to spread the word about. SMS/MMS is an exceptional way to re-engage your customers and bring them back into your store.

Our SMS/MMS marketing tool allows you to contact any chosen subset of customers. Choose a plan that fits your specific needs from a variety of options. Once implemented, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan for the best possible results.

Hardware Features


  • Built-in Printer
  • Built-in Cash Drawer
  • Swivel Screen