Most Important Factors for Dispensary POS Systems in 2022

Running a cannabis dispensary is hard work. On top of facing the same challenges as any other entrepreneur, dispensary owners have to wade through a legal minefield to ensure they always stay compliant with local and federal laws. 

Dispensary POS Systems play a crucial role in keeping your customers (and staff!) happy, staying ahead of the competition, and remaining compliant at all times. In 2022, there’s no need to do things the old-fashioned way anymore. 

Dispensary POS Systems make the day-to-day running of your cannabusiness that much easier — and dispensary point-of-sale systems can do much more than allow you to process purchases! The right POS System can supercharge your business. 

What are the most important factors cannabis dispensary owners need to consider when looking at dispensary POS Systems in 2022?

1. Ease Of Use

Dispensary owners can choose from a wide variety of POS Systems in 2022. Many of these systems are incredibly versatile, giving you a framework to help with your taxes and to keep track of your inventory as well as serving as a POS solution. 

Not all POS systems are equally user-friendly, though. Don’t just ask what the system can do. Also ask yourself how big the learning curve is — and test it out when you get a demo. 

Ease of use is one of the key factors to consider when you’re looking for a new Dispensary POS System not just because it will keep your budtenders happy and productive, but also because an intuitive POS system helps you avoid costly mistakes. 

Keep in mind that POS Systems designed for other businesses will never perform as well as a dispensary POS system created with your needs in mind. 

2. Allowing Multiple Methods Of Payment

Modern customers demand the same high customer service standards they’d expect from other stores when they visit a cannabis dispensary. The days during which dispensaries that only accept cash payments could thrive are long gone.

The hurdles that dispensary owners face when it comes to banking? Not so much. A good Dispensary POS System can play a critical role in allowing you to offer the multiple payment options your customers depend on. That’s great news for you, because it means your customers will be able to try all the exciting strains you offer without being limited by the cash they carry.

A great Dispensary POS System can give your dispensary a huge boost by making sure that you can accept:

  • Cashless ATM payments (“point of banking” technology).
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • ACH transfers.

Put this in place, and you’ll suddenly appeal to many new customers who would rather pay for their favorite cannabis products using a card instead of cash.

It’s also worth noting that a good POS System will make taking all kinds of payments much more painless. The ability to process and record purchases with ease will go a long way in satisfying customers and ensuring that your business runs as quickly and efficiently as it possibly can.

3. Recording Valuable Analytics

POS Systems aren’t just for making your daily tasks more efficient. They can also help you significantly improve your business if you use them right. Dispensary POS Systems can help track important analytics about your business which can then be analyzed and used to enhance customer satisfaction and sales

For instance, once you’ve been using a POS System for a long time, you might notice that you sell a certain type of product more than any other. You can then stock more of these products to appeal to your customers and boost your sales.

You’ll also have access to information such as real-time store performance, customer demographics, transaction data, and much more. Not only can these analytics help you boost sales, but they can also be used to finetune your marketing and promotion efforts to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

4. Handheld Capabilities

If you want to process orders as quickly as possible, then one of the factors you should look for in your Dispensary POS System is the ability to take payments and access your POS system via a handheld device. This can give your business a huge boost in terms of efficiency and even making sales.

A portable POS allows you to take orders anywhere. Instead of waiting for customers to come to the counter, you can take orders around the store or even on the curbside. This will ensure that you keep your customers fully satisfied. It can also have other perks. For instance, you’ll save space and you’ll be able to access customer profiles and analytics from anywhere.

You don’t necessarily need to use a Portable POS System all the time. Sometimes, a solid counter-top POS System can help you more. However, having it available for those situations where it can make a difference can result in more sales and more satisfied customers overall. As such, looking for a POS System with portable capabilities is always a good idea.

5. Efficiency

Your customers rely on fast, friendly, and efficient service. The right Dispensary POS System makes it possible. Consider what kind of check-in protocol the POS System you’re considering has in place. Whether you run a medical dispensary and need to check whether your customers are verified medical marijuana patients, or you just need to check the customer’s age, efficient POS Systems allow you to keep track of all your customers and serve them in no time.

This level of convenience will keep your staff happy — and your customers coming back for more!


Your Dispensary POS System plays an integral role in the day-to-day running of your business in 2022. Make sure you choose right.  

Multiple payment options, the ability to maintain customer profiles, making your POS System available on the go via portable devices, and an intuitive user interface that’s easy to master are some of the most important things to look for in a POS System. 

You can find all of these factors and more in the POSaBIT point-of-sale system for retailers and dispensaries. You can find a full list of features and functionalities and even request a demo online at