Most Important Factors for Dispensary POS Systems in 2021

Running a cannabis dispensary requires a lot of work. On top of keeping up with your competition, you’ll need to ensure you consistently satisfy your customers while also doing everything in compliance with local and federal laws. Fortunately, you can now use Dispensary POS Systems to help run everything much smoother.

While the primary function of a point-of-sale system is to help you process purchases, many POS systems these days can also do so much more. As well as helping with day-to-day activities, they can also help when it comes to things like compliance and even your taxes. Here are some of the most important factors for Dispensary POS Systems in 2021.

1. Keeping Track Of Customers

Keeping track of customers is especially important for medical dispensaries- especially as you need to ensure that your customers are verified Medical Marijuana Patients. Even if you’re running a recreational cannabis store, it still helps to know that your customers are over 18 before you serve them.

Luckily, you can now handle these matters using a Dispensary POS System. Dispensary POS Systems allow you to keep profiles for all of your customers. Not only does this help with important factors like age verification, but it can also help you offer more in terms of customer satisfaction.

A customer profile can involve all kinds of useful information- such as the purchase history of each customer and what their favorite products are. This can help when it comes to giving them recommendations on what products to buy or even if they simply want to use a product they purchased in the past. You can also offer customer reward points using a good Dispensary POS System.

2. Ease Of Use

While many POS systems are available for retailers, you’ll want to ensure that you get one that’s as accessible as possible for your staff members. A confusing POS System can be a hassle, especially as you’ll constantly have to train new staff in how to use it effectively.

As such, one of the key factors you should look out for in a Dispensary POS System is how easy it is to use. POS Systems with easy-to-use interfaces that allow your staff members to handle all kinds of problems quickly and efficiently will ensure that you can run your business more smoothly overall.

It’s also important to ensure that you use a POS System specifically designed for cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis businesses involve all kinds of challenges and hurdles that other kinds of businesses don’t face. As such, you’ll need a POS System that makes handling these issues easy and painless.

3. Allowing Multiple Methods Of Payment

Offering multiple methods of payment is one of the simplest yet most effective ways that businesses can stand out ahead of competitors. Keep in mind that you’ll be serving a wide range of people, and they’ll likely want to pay in different ways. The more customers you can satisfy, the better.

This largely comes down to using the right POS System. Since many dispensaries only take cash, using a POS System that allows debit card payments can give your dispensary a huge boost. Suddenly, you’ll appeal to many new customers who would rather pay for their favorite cannabis products using a card instead of cash.

It’s also worth noting that a good POS System will make taking all kinds of payments much more painless. The ability to process and record purchases with ease will go a long way in satisfying customers and ensuring that your business runs as quickly and efficiently as it possibly can.

4. Recording Valuable Analytics

POS Systems aren’t just for making your daily tasks more efficient. They can also help you significantly improve your business if you use them right. Dispensary POS Systems can help track important analytics about your business which can then be analyzed and used to enhance customer satisfaction and sales

For instance, once you’ve been using a POS System for a long time, you might notice that you sell a certain type of product more than any other. You can then stock more of these products to appeal to your customers and boost your sales.

You’ll also have access to information such as real-time store performance, customer demographics, transaction data, and much more. Not only can these analytics help you boost sales, but they can also be used to finetune your marketing and promotion efforts to ensure you’re reaching the right people. 

5. Handheld Capabilities

If you want to process orders as quickly as possible, then one of the factors you should look for in your Dispensary POS System is the ability to take payments and access your POS system via a handheld device. This can give your business a huge boost in terms of efficiency and even making sales.

A portable POS allows you to take orders anywhere. Instead of waiting for customers to come to the counter, you can take orders around the store or even on the curbside. This will ensure that you keep your customers fully satisfied. It can also have other perks. For instance, you’ll save space and you’ll be able to access customer profiles and analytics from anywhere.

You don’t necessarily need to use a Portable POS System all the time. Sometimes, a solid counter-top POS System can help you more. However, having it available for those situations where it can make a difference can result in more sales and more satisfied customers overall. As such, looking for a POS System with portable capabilities is always a good idea.


Before you implement a Dispensary POS System in your business, you’ll want to ensure they have some of the most important factors. From keeping customer profiles to the ability to use your POS System via portable devices, these factors can all help you run your business more efficiently

Fortunately, you can find all of these factors and more in the POSaBIT point-of-sale system for retailers and dispensaries. You can find a full list of features and functionalities and even request a demo online at