POSaBIT Launches ACH Cannabis Payments for Delivery & In-Store

The POSaBIT ACH payment platform integrates seamlessly with any dispensary’s point of sale and online menu. 

SEATTLE — February 9, 2021 -- POSaBIT Systems Corporation (CSE: PBIT), a leading financial technology company with an industry-leading cannabis point of sale system and unique payment processing solutions for cash-only businesses with a focus on those within the cannabis industry, has launched a dynamic, multifaceted ACH payment platform. 

The POSaBIT ACH payment platform is designed to fit seamlessly into any and all aspects of the cannabis dispensary ecosystem, allowing for in-store, curbside, and delivery payments. After a one time account set-up, customers can use their POSaBIT ACH account to purchase products at any dispensary on the POSaBIT platform. 

“POSaBIT ACH is a game changer for stores, especially when it comes to delivery,” said Ryan Hamlin, CEO/co-founder of POSaBIT. “A contactless, cashless payment is the safest option for customers and delivery drivers. The cannabis delivery market is growing exponentially. We believe that POSaBIT ACH is, by far, the best payment solution for cannabis delivery.” 

POSaBIT ACH is a secure, compliant payment solution that allows customers to directly connect their bank accounts for cannabis payments. The solution is point of sale agnostic, integrating with any POS or online menu available in the industry. The unique platform allows for delivery drivers to complete ACH sales without internet connectivity - a necessity in many delivery areas. 

POSaBIT ACH joins the company’s suite of card payment solutions and their industry-leading point of sale system, providing a host of options for any cannabis dispensary searching for a leg up on the competition. 

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