Our brand-new handheld device is an all-in-one mobile payments solution. The entire transaction takes place in the palm of your hand. Intake debit payments, complete the transaction, and print your receipts with ease and efficiency.

  • Higher Sales

    Debit transactions are 60% higher than cash transactions.

  • Streamline the Process

    Scan IDs, process payments, add tips, & print receipts, all on one device.

  • Excellent Customer and Employee Experience

    Everyone involved enjoys an easy and expeditious purchase and sale.

  • One Up the Competition

    Be the first in your region to offer mobile debit payments.

  • Reporting and Tracking

    Stay compliant more easily and better track your sales data.

  • Protect Employees

    Less cash on hand, especially for delivery drivers, means safer conditions.

Our fully compliant solution allows businesses to feature a state-of-the-art retail customer experience for both in-store and delivery, while also providing in-depth business analytics and increased revenues for businesses.

Ryan Hamlin

CEO/Co-Founder, POSaBIT

Security & Compliance

POSaBIT is a registered Money Services Business (MSB), and has Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in every required state.

  • Advanced data encryption
  • Fully compliant with KYC & AML