CCRS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Washington get rid of LEAF?
    • The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board decided to switch away from LEAF to the new CCRS system in an attempt to provide a simpler and more flexible system at a lower cost.

  2. What is CCRS (Cannabis Central Reporting System)?
    • CCRS or Cannabis Central Reporting System, is a new compliance reporting system in Washington State. This system will be used by all companies that work directly with Cannabis in Washington state from growers -> retailers. For retailers, this will involve a set of 7 reports that must be uploaded at least once a week.

  3. What will happen to data currently in LEAF? 
    • Unfortunately, all data within LEAF will be lost when you switch to the new system. However, POSaBIT will help you to create an initial import that will include all necessary data to get your venue up and running with CCRS.

  4. What will the transition between LEAF and CCRS look like? Will there be a transition period?
    • According to the LCB there will likely be a short overlap period between the two systems. This will allow venues to polish off any reporting issues with CCRS without having to worry about being non compliant.

  5. What reports do retailers need to submit under the new CCRS guidelines?
    • Under the new Cannabis Central Reporting System, retailers are required to submit 7 csv reports at least once a week. These reports include:
      1. Area Report: This file is used to report the location of products within your retail store. In POSaBIT this is referring to the “Rooms” set up for your venue.
      2. Inventory Report: This file contains the inventory levels for each product that you have in stock.  
      3. Inventory Adjustment Report: This file is used to display what inventory adjustments have been made at your venue for a given period of time. 
      4. Inventory Transfer Report: This file displays how much inventory was sent / received by your venue for a given period of time.
      5. Product Report: This file contains product details on all product within your venue including product type, name, description, and weight.
      6. Sale Report: This file reports all sales that occurred at your venue within a certain period of time, including products sold, cost of goods sold, and retail price of products.
      7. Strain Report: This file contains all strains that are carried within your retail venue.

  6. How will I sign up for CCRS? How do I set POSaBIT as an integrator?
    • First, your venue will need to sign up for a SAW account, click HERE to create an account now. Once you have created a SAW account, use the login credentials that were created for the SAW account to sign into the CCRS portal. Once in the CCRS portal select POSaBIT as an integrator from the list of validated integrators.

  7. Can I submit CCRS reports directly from POSaBIT’s web portal?
    • Yes, CCRS files can be both automatically uploaded to CCRS or manually uploaded. POSaBIT provides an automated upload task that will generate and upload all 7 reports to CCRS every night. In addition, POSaBIT gives you the ability to manually upload each report directly from the POSaBIT portal.

  8. How does this affect my manifest imports?
    • With the removal of LEAF Data Systems, there will no longer be a central system for retailers to pull manifest data from. However, POSaBIT has partnered with several other software providers in WA to form the WCIA with the goal of creating a standard manifest schema. This new standard schema will be used by growers/suppliers to create manifest files that can be imported directly into POSaBIT to automatically fill manifest details.

    9. What if the supplier/grower doesn’t send me a manifest document to upload?

    • Due to the new nature of the standard manifest schema that was created by the WCIA, there is a chance that you receive a manifest that does not include the new file to automatically import the manifest data into your POSaBIT portal. If this occurs you will just need to manually create the manifest, by selecting “New Manifest” from the “Incoming Manifest” page in your POSaBIT portal.