Start accepting cards & Gain a competitive edge

POSaBIT allows cash-only businesses to accept debit payment through a fully-compliant blockchain solution. Each month, we process millions of dollars of transactions for merchants across the United States.

  • Higher Sales

    POSaBIT sales are 60% higherthan the average cash-only purchase.

  • Better customer experience

    Provide your customers with a convenientand seamless checkout experience.

  • Rich Data Analytics

    Enjoy real-time transaction history, robust reporting,and advanced auditing.

  • Lower Costs

    Save money on armored-car pickups, expensive make-shift integrations, andother operational inefficiencies.

  • Easy & Flexible

    Integrate with any POS system without third-party apps.

  • Protect Employees

    Less cash on hand means a safer environment for you and your employees.

Customer Spotlight

POSaBIT accounts for over 60% of our sales. Our budtenders are upselling more effectively, and we are seeing a significant increase in our average transaction size.

Dave Sloan

Owner, Herb's House

Security & Compliance

POSaBIT is a registered Money Services Business (MSB), and has Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in every required state.

  • PCI DSS compliant & TLS-Certified
  • Advanced data encryption
  • Fully compliant with KYC & AML