POSaBIT Board of Directors


Ryan Hamlin

CEO and Director

Ryan Hamlin has over 26 years of software development and management experience (Microsoft, MSN, Anderson Consulting).

As an executive at Microsoft, Ryan managed 1000+ person teams and over $500M in revenue. In 2011, he founded PlaceFull.com, a powerful online booking and eMarketing platform. PlaceFull continues to grow its operations in the US and Canada and Ryan still serves as the Chairman of the Board. Ryan has served on several start-up and larger non-profit boards.


Jon Baugher

CRO and Director

Jon Baugher has over 28 years of hardware and software technology sales experience on a national and global scale.

Jon co-founded POSaBIT with Ryan in 2015, where he is responsible for sales execution, revenue growth, and customer success. He was VP of Sales for PlaceFull, Senior Director of Sales at Adapx, and Director of Worldwide Sales for Microvision. He has also held senior leadership positions at AEI and Markette Systems.


Jeff Dossett

Chairman and Director

Jeff Dossett is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Impinj (NASDAQ:PI).

Jeff previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Porch.com, Chief Revenue Officer at GOOD Worldwide, and Chief Revenue Officer of Demand Media. From 2013 to 2016 he was a member of the Board of PlaceFull.


Michael Markette


Michael Markette is a seasoned entrepreneur who has started several software companies over the past 30 years.

Over the last 5 years Mike has been the President and Chief Technology Officer of both Callbutton and CallRevu, companies which focus on custom call tracing solutions to assist with sales lead management. Mike brings a great background in growing small companies into multi‐million-dollar enterprises.


Paul Fiore


Paul Fiore is the founder and former CEO of DoubleBeam and LifeStep Solutions (formally CU Wallet).

Paul was previously Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a $400M asset institution combining skills in finance, accounting and technology. Paul has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry (five of it in executive management) split between a Wall Street firm, a credit union, and a commercial bank. In the late ‘90s he co-founded an online banking services provider. He led Digital Insight and the 2007 sale to Intuit for $1.35B.